Thursday, March 2, 2017

The American Hypocrisy of Separating the families of Illegal Immigrants

During the passage of Black slaves to America, White America cared less about the separation of Black families and especially fathers from their families. It was done on purpose and with great intent. Divide them, separate them and if necessary, kill them. And now, all at once, bleeding heart liberals are saying it is a crime against God, humanity and all of the moral virtues to separate the families of illegal immigrants, if their children have been born here and by law are Americans, legally

I am a witness that prior to the Civil Rights Movement and during Jim Crow, when Black families were in economic difficulty, FATHERS could not live in the same household in order to receive government assistance. Wives were left without their husbands, children without their fathers and fathers wandering the streets of America. Fathers unwillingly left their families to make sure their families had the necessities of life.

And then America had the audacity to call Black fathers, lazy, shiftless and no good and propagandized this lie to the world

And now people are crying vile when illegal and undocumented immigrants are being separated; and mothers and fathers are being deported, leaving their children behind

What about the historical suffering of Black families who were FORCED to come here against their will to build America.

As an academic student of philosophy, theology and the social sciences, it is immoral to separate families. If we keep these families together, then historical Black families are entitled to some compensation from the American Government for such the atrocity that many are saying that it is

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