Wednesday, March 15, 2017

To Be Nice is a Simple Smile

A Smile

A friend of mine told me that he didn’t know what nice is

Joke or no joke, I needed to be able to define it for ME 

I could not respond to him immediately with words

So complex, yet so simple

But I felt the virtue very deeply and I just needed time

I googled and found meanings and definitions

This was not good enough

I needed something "simple"

While searching, my eyes landed on “one particular word'  


Oh, that's it !

To be nice is to smile

A genuine smile from the heart

True, that both the eyes and a smile can say eons about a person

For sure, a smile can be enhanced by beautiful teeth

But it is the formation of the muscles and ligaments in the mouth that form the smile

Many a toothless old lady or man has had the most beautiful smile ever

A beautiful smile comes from the “heart of hearts”

The beauty defined here is not the physical

But rather beauty, as in the perfection of the idea of beauty

To be nice is to start with a smile

It does so much for the person giving and the person receiving it

A generous smile brightens some day and encourages them to smile, as well,,

Smiling can do so much

And not just for you

But, also for the person receiving it!

A generous smile can brighten someone’s day

And encourage them to smile at others, and make them feel good, as well

This is a definitive way to be NICE !!
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