Tuesday, March 21, 2017


It amazes me more and more each day

How many Governments of the world

Still think that smoking marijuana is a crime

And those smoke it should be punished and often incarcerated

It is a plant just as apples and oranges, green beans and potatoes

Formed by the NATURAL earth process of photosynthesis!!

It cannot be processed in a lab like so many of our foods are

The discussion should be one of moderation

Many people eat too much food that grows from the earth

Many suffer greatly from eating too much and some die from it

Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and renal failure, pancreatitis……list goes on and on

We consider it a health problem and not a crime

We call it and name it obesity

And some doctors have told their patients

“You are morbidly obese”

Meaning death is ready to shake your hands

No one has ever been considered a criminal or incarcerated because of obesity

Moderation in ALL THINGS Is the conversation we should be having

Strongly founded in philosophical and theological thought

Even the Apostle Paul said that a LITTLE wine is good for the stomach’s sake


The problem is one of self-control

There is no inherent evil in THC

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