Monday, March 20, 2017

Ambivalence about Peru

No running water for a week, Stores are out of bottled water

Nobody knows when running water will return

There is an unbelievable pacificity about the problem

My Ambivalence

When I was a child, I always wanted to visit Peru

I have no idea why!

But the world was, then, a much kinder and gentler place to live

I finally get here this past January and what a disappointment

They are xenophobic!!

What a human tragedy to not be able to respond meaningfully and engaging

in a larger circle of humanity

The verve is missing

A lack of enthusiasm and vigor

I am so disappointed

Peru is my least favorite country that I have visited

Amazing that the things we dream, after getting it,

We are disappointed

Lima has 37 districts that house upward to nine million people
And you could drive for about 45 minutes to go from one district to another

The two best districts are Miraflores and Barranco

Barranco is smaller and is supposedly the bohemian, artsy, educated district

Yet, there is that sump in sump in missing!! And still xenophobia to a lesser degree

Xenophobia is never as bad as racism

But there certainly negative effects

However the Latin America flavor of relaxation and the niceness of people are still here

Peru is expensive

Touring Machu Pichu is expensive

I still may find a way to go before I leave Lima

I have no desire to come back

It is the main tourist attraction

We are seven days into NO RUNNING WATER IN LIMA

There is nonchalance among the people that is just unbelievable

Isn’t it a health issue?

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