Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Disenchantment of Americans with Mexic

It is so unfortunate that Americans are disenchanted with Mexico

Mexico is our neighbor and we bought land from Mexico

The state of New Mexico is the last place to profile Mexicans

Some will tell you, “My family has been here since the seventeenth century”

It is such a beautiful, historic place with many diverse cultures and indigenous people

Of all sorts!

Mexico, as a country, cannot be denied

It is one of the best countries in Latin America

It has the greatest tourist attraction from all around the world than all of the other LA countries

America has had such historical, political, social, cultural, economic ties with Mexico

The Mexican American War had a lot to do with the annexation of many territories

My first knowledge of Mexico was

When I played cowboys and Indians as a little boy

Toy guns and toy bow and arrows,

Watching TV,

The Indians were our enemy and the Mexican, was without a true positive image

He was portrayed as a snotty slimy dirt bag character that would do anything for money

The imagery of Mexicans has always been horrible

I grew up with this indoctrination and influence in my head

But my heart changed when I visited Guadalajara!

I could live there any day of the week, lol

The people talk to you, shake your hand and some even hug !!

When I first started to backpack, Mexico was the last country on the list to visit

Since backpacking, I have gained a different perspective of the country

The Anthropological Museum in Mexico City is to die for !!!

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