Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Perspective on American Machoism

Perspective on American Machoism

I love Latin America because of its “relaxation lifestyle”

I have been backpacking in Central and South America for three years

People wait in lines wrapped around buildings, in grocery stores, in banks

Like it’s just not a problem at all!!

No hypertension about life

Latin American men “are not all up in arms”

As American men are

Latino men are gentle and tranquil as if this is the natural way to be a man

American men are ready to go at it

Both literally and figuratively

There is research that says "machoism" is everywhere in the world

In the sense of domination of women

Sexism, womanizing, gender roles, jeering, disrespect

And a host of other negative behaviors towards women

In America, 

Machoism is also a warring and resistance between White Men and Black Men

America had its own twist on slavery

As slaves have existed since mankind

White men in America made it evil

Black me were only 3/5ths’s human for census purposes

Women and children, as well

Black people stripped of their human dignity and innate value

Chattel slavery, no less

White men are still in control

To be for certain!

But Black men have fought hard and still fighting

For their total dignity and humanity

And a fare share of the wealth

Machoism takes on a different flavor in America

As did slavery

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