Thursday, July 13, 2017

Justice and Injustice are Innate

Justice and Injustice are Innate

How many times have I heard a very young child say

“mom, it’s not fair”

Philosophers equate the idea of justice with fairness

How real is that?

The experiences and emotions of “injustice” are extremely devastating

Injustice has ruined many lives

Injustice should be an affront to every human being

This affront should reign supreme in all of our lives

To ban all forms of it in the world

Injustice eats into moral dignity and what it means to be human

Men who have been imprisoned for 30 years and more

For crimes that they did not commit

It’s not “just a shame”                    

But an affront to everything that is human

And what a tragedy that institutional injustice is still being practiced

To Forgive is Divine

To Forgive is Divine

What is the origin of forgiveness and its behavior?           

To pardon another for his or her offenses?

To start anew, to start afresh?

To let it all go?

And with the reality of “remembrance”, still being there

Forgiveness is the definitive cleansing experience

Of the mind, body soul and spirit 

Getting rid of all of the garbage and impurities

That strangle and corrupt our inner man

 The “state of forgiveness

Is as proximate to perfection that we can imagine

Unfortunately, many would rather hold on to hurts, resentments and anger

Than to live in a state of freedom

"To be free indeed"

It, usually, takes a “bigger” person to forgive

Instead of the person who committed the wrongdoing

A life that is consumed by bitterness and resentment

Is hardly a life worth living

So noted Socrates

An unexamined life is a life not worth living”

When anger and resentment consume you

It only leads to depression, life of misery, victimization and powerless

Forgiveness frees you

Forgiveness leads to increased feelings of

Self-worth and decreased psychological stress and behavior.

Forgiveness is really a gift that you give to yourself.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to accept

The behavior of another, nor does it mean you have to forget

It means granting yourself the permission to be happy and to move on 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Problems Are Not Yours

This response was sent to four of my friends 

Who were assisting me in my problem and still not solved

This recent ordeal has been really a lifetime experience

I have learned so much and most importantly

My faith has become more grounded in the following

In this short life, we are free moral thinking agents

My problems are my problems to solve

Conversely, your problems are your problems to solve

And no one else’s

We may kindly ask the assistance of others in our problem solving

It doesn’t always work out to our satisfaction

For an infinite numbers of human reasons 

The total responsibility is still “mine alone”

Not family, nor friend, nor any close associate

It is my life and my life alone

In the end, I cannot blame anyone else for my unsolved problems

Yet, we, as humans experience myriads of negative emotions

When others fail us

The major emotion is to blame others for not coming through

So wrong

People are innately imperfect

Anything can go wrong at anytime

But there is a more Perfect Being on which we can rely

He has infinite ways to solve human problems

How he solves a problem can be so

Abstractly different from our mortal way of thinking

And in accepting this mind set

We gain a perspective in infinite thinking

One for sure is “interpretation of experiences”

And definitely, to be blessed to participate in infinite thinking

And as I have been inspired

I ask for forgiveness for any negative

Emotion that I may have had

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Stress, the Not So Silent Killer

Hypertension is the proverbial silent killer

You can have hypertension and not know it

It can cause stroke, cardiovascular disease and a host of other problems

Stress can be silent or not so silent

People usually know when they are stressed

Stress eventually will make itself known

Stress is a response to pressure or threat

With stress we may feel tense, nervous, or on edge

The stress response is physical, too

There is a surge of a hormone called adrenaline

That temporarily affects the nervous system

This amorphous and nebulous disease process

Attacks every human being at one point or another

The American Psychological Association has found that

About 25% of Americans are experiencing high levels of stress

Another 50% report moderate levels of stress

Stress comes from living in a pressurized world

Relax, exercise, eat well, have moments of doing nothing

Clean out the mind and brain, get good sleep, have a glass of wine regularly

Go out on the town; focus on the “other” for a moment

Listen to music, read, be grateful, love more, stop being over materialistic

Love others


Parents with Special Needs Children

Are extremely blessed

By God to learn, to know, to experience, to share,

His Unconditional Love from his perspective

To learn this exceptional way of life

Of an angel walking among us

While others are saying

How unfortunate, how sad, how burdensome

The spiritual world is saying

Glory, glory, glory

In accepting this challenge to love, yet another one of his

The love, the extra care, the extra time to be given

The rest of your life

One of the many benefits

Greater depths of understanding of life

A step towards perfection

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Is in Medellin

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

But having seen beautiful women around the world

I could not move and stopped walking when I saw her

I recognized her total beauty about half a block away

While strolling through a middle class neighborhood in Medellin

She was flanked on both sides, by her mother and sister

They were holding onto her, lol

As if she could be abducted or kidnapped at any moment

Or sold into slave beauty

I deferred my look, pretending to be confused about something

While saying to myself

“What the f%$#"

Colombian women are just beautiful

San Jose, Costa Rica is no joke either!

I looked in a store in the shopping district at a mannequin in San Jose

Then it moved

I jumped back

And she was amused

There appears to be a beauty outlet in every block of downtown Medellin

With at least 5 to 7 beautiful salesclerk willing to serve you

They know me because I am in there buying stuff!!!


There are no cat calls being made in Medellin

A man is not permitted to look a woman in her eyes

But a woman can look a man in his eyes

There is tremendous respect for women

I saw five men beat a man for roughing up a woman

Who had bumped into his cart of food

As far as Blacks

I am often tempted to walk up to them

And speak English

But they only speak Spanish!

They resemble so much African-Americans

The slave trade was expansive

There is a Black culture in all of Latin America

But the gentleness of Latin America is in everyone

None of that macho man stuff we tolerate in America

It is said that the

Best looking women in Latin America are in Colombia

And the best looking men are in Argentina

Morocco is in contention for absolute beauty and freaks

Dark skinned persons with rusty blonde hair and green eyes

Once again

What the f%$#

Just awed and speechless

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rejection Is Often a Good Thing

It Started in Costa Rica Three Years Ago, This Month

June 2014

I went there to teach English in San Jose, as a second language

I was given a grueling schedule, but I was going to do it

The day before I was to start

The owner of the school told the supervisor

“Withdraw the Offer” because I appeared to be a

1960's,70's, Angela Davis, Berkeley University, social, political activist, hippy type with long hair

My heart fluttered just for a moment

But what a compliment!!

I have always loved Angela Davis!!

Being rejected                      

Backpackers at my hostel said “backpack and experience travel”

I immediately started and my first city was Granada, Nicaragua  

The rejection led to a most wonderful life experience

Three years’ worth

I have no regrets

Fair Weather Friends

When things are peachy cream, they are there for you
When things are not so well, they disappear

Who needs a fair weather friend?

We all have them

A friend is, indeed, rare

And we use the term so loosely

The term has been modified throughout the ages

And really watered down

If there is a good friend, then there must be a bad friend

Whoever heard of such a thing?

In a lifetime, one is blessed to have, maybe, 3 friends

All the others are “persons we know”

And some are even close associates

The  word “friend” connotes and represents a perfect idea

Unconditional love incarnate

All husbands and wives don’t always suggest friends

And unfortunately and not always

Inspired unconditional love

Oh, to have a friend for all times                                

A forever bridge over troubled water
And I don’t always have to play “strong”

Monday, June 26, 2017

Integrity of the Faithful Few

The Moral Life of 2017

Our moral lives are under serious attack

The world over

This major attack has occurred within the last 50 years or so

We have lost a great deal of

Compassion, care, sympathy, empathy, concern, 

Sense of wellbeing, respect for others, integrity, justice

Of which speak “the moral life”

In the 60’s, when a single tragedy occurred

Locally, nationally or internationally

It was if the whole world, singularly

Went into a moment of deep reflection and remorse

That could last months

Now and presently

Even with mass murdering and the like

The grieving is seemingly, no more than a day

And we are urged to move on with our lives

Tragedies soon forgotten

Many and including some scientists say

That life is better because of advancing technology

While knowing that

"The human body is the most perfect machine and piece of technology"

Ever in the existence of humanity

Am I missing something here?

Not to mention the new form of immorality, terrorism

Terrorism in all parts of the world

Reckless regard for human life

Thankful that morality and ethics are

A function of LOVE

Love will always remain

For God is Love

They both are eternal

And the integrity of the faithful few will guide them”

Where was God?

Where was God?

Perhaps the question, most often, asked by humans

If God is so loving, why does he permit tragedy?

And why does he permit hunger, disease and war?

And all this pain in my life?

Job and Elijah asked the same question

The answer is simple

He is where he has always been

In Eternity

All of us have a touch of perfection in us
While knowing that perfection is somewhere in existence
As cerebral beings, we are inspired to find it
And disappointed as cerebral beings
that we never achieve it or find it

For God is without time and space

Omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent

Permitting men to have a lot of free will

To do as we will

And we choose to do so much evil

And permitting some predestination

Genes and chromosomes predict a lot

Freewill or Predestination

An ongoing philosophical argument

One or the other?

Why not both?

Once when in a terrible way in life                             

I asked the question

“Why me?”

My sister replied

“Why not you?”

I had no response

Why not any of us?

"For now we see through a glass darkly"

And one day, we will know IN FULL

Posted A Year Ago on FB

Just Do It

In order to have a complete and fulfilled life

Without a lot of regrets, sometimes you just have to do it!!!

Intelligent and wise people wait for the right moment

To do after, “this or that is done"

When the time is right

Many times, “this or that” never gets done

And the right time never comes

Life is an intervening force

We have no control over many things

And goals and dreams go unfulfilled!!

If it´s a dream or something that you really want to do in life,

Throw caution to the wind

Let the chips fall wherever they may fall

There are always chips on the floor anyway

If there are still holes and gaps to be filled

Faith is the substance of things hoped for

And the evidence of things not seen

Go forth and be blessed

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happiness and Joy

Everyone wants to be happy

But it is transitory

Evasive, elusive and fleeting

No one is happy every day

We, as humans, have unhappy days

For instance, the loss of a loved one is 

An unhappy moment

Yet there is a continual pursuit for happiness

And it is difficult to achieve

Some believe that it is just

A State of Mind

Stop looking for it

Happiness is within us!

We must permit ourselves to be happy

Joy is visceral

It is a virtue related to morality

It can be cultivated

As a part of your life ALWAYS

A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

"Tears of joy"

Delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing,

And yes, happiness is a part of joy

Parents often find joy in their children

Which is a life time experience!

There are many things that have constant JOY!!

Recognizing A Blessing

To be able to recognize a blessing is a gift

So many don’t

So many have a blessing in their hand

Right In their face

And they still don’t see it

We are so conditioned to expect something else

Or something truly specific

In our minds, our heads, our desires, and our thoughts

And even in our hearts

That we often fail to see a blessing when it comes

We hear often

How could she let that good man go!”

"How could he let that good woman go!”

A small blessing is still a blessing

And can be a great blessing

A missed blessing could be

A missed opportunity

A mate

And the person doesn’t have to perfect

Blessings show up in all forms of life

Good health is a blessing and often overlooked

Good friends are a blessing

To be able to walk outside 

Is a blessing

So many can't

Responsible children are a blessing

Having shelter and food are blessings

A job is a blessing

Gratefulness is at the core of missed blessings

To be thankful

To be able to see the world in its current state

And be grateful for what you have in this life

Is the greatest blessing of all

Often, when I am overwhelmed by it all

I will consciously take time to be grateful

For what I have

Count your blessings

And name them one by one

Extremely therapeutic, as well


Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Feeling Empty

Sometimes in life, we feel empty

I feel empty

 I am waiting on Inspiration

She Has a lot of Class

There is a difference between

Class and Style

Style is a function of fashion

Class is a function of moral integrity

We often hear

"She has class or she is a classy person"


"He is a classy guy"

Economic power, education, recognition, neighborhoods

Car, dress style and the list goes on

None of these material possessions

Define class

Money cannot or does not buy class

Many poor people have class

Many rich people don’t have class

One is not born with class

Class is taught and nurtured

A classy person is a person with poise and grace

Class is maturity

Class is gentle, soothing, non-offensive and self-controlled

Class is natural

Class supports morality and ethics

Class is how one perceives the world

Class is never haughty or arrogant

Neither is it superficial or artificial

Class is a positive way of being in the world

Class speaks of and demonstrates integrity and moral dignity

For everyone

Monday, June 19, 2017

An Ode to Abie, Jonathan's Friend

Kindred Spirits

What a marvelous state of brotherhood and humanity

Kindred spirits are, truly, much more than just best friends

Who have met, casually or otherwise, in life

Kindred spirits are funded and grounded in spirituality

Kindred spirits have the same love

Kindred spirits encourage each other 

To strive and to reach higher

There is total positive energy and spirit between kindred spirits

A kindred spirit knows another kindred spirit

Kindred spirits are like minded

Kindred spirits are of one accord and

One mind

Kindred spirits share beliefs, attitudes

Also known as kindred souls

Kindred spirits have spiritual bonds of experiences

And the best kindred spirit is

The Kindred Spirit of God

Facebook Memory One Year AGO

This is a Facebook memory of a year ago, when I wrote this piece on Fear


We are, all, afraid of something at some point in our lives

Sometimes, it’s quite healthy to be afraid

Fear is more visceral

It is a paralysis of existence, very damaging and eviscerating

I once had great fear for an extended period in my life

It was devastating

Knowing that ¨perfect love¨ casts out all fear

I have always desired to have perfect love

And not have perfect love, at the expense of anything

One must grow daily in love

So, what is this relationship between "perfect love" and fear?

LOVE has always been greater and more powerful than fear

To live one´s life, without fear is great gain

Life is NOT a Joke

Life is not a joke

Many say that it is

Life is indeed a miracle

It is indeed the miracle of miracleS

Life imitates art

Art imitates life?

Life is love and to be loved

Life is spiritual

Life is “being”

Life is friendship and caring

Life is motivation

Life is indeed perfect art

Life is an experiment

Life is survival

Life is thriving

Life is beauty and sunshine

Life is a smile

Life is beauty

Life is true

Life is funny and humorous

But not a joke

Life is about quality

Life is simple, humans make it complicated

Life is a gift

Life is imagination and charm

Life is change

Life is a journey

life is a moment

Life is, but a moment

Life is a series of consecutive moments

Just how wonderful life is

Life is humor, but not a joke

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Grace of God and Jonathan

Jonathan is my dear friend

The Grace of God has appeared unto all men

What a blessing!

Because "grace" is absolutely wonderful

Grace understands “all

And it really understands “forgiveness

So many deny its existence

Some are atheists         

Others are skeptics, agnostics and the like

There is power in the grace of God

To live freely

And as we deserve nothing in this life

It is grace that sustains us

Not enough can ever be said about grace

In such an imperfect world

Which can raise doubts about God

And living in this world

And for those of us who believe in the grace of God

We understand a lot more about this world

Cloudy and Dreary Days

The Cloudy Days of Life

“Rain ,Rain Go Away

Please come back another day”

We want to go outside and play

A song we sang in elementary school

 e rainy and cloudy days of life must come

No one escapes this reality

It’s becomes more relevant in the cycle of life

As simple as rain and clouds ruining a planned picnic

And and so many more serious things

But who doesn’t love a bright sunny day?

However, some people love cloudy, rainy days

A mystique of life

For cloudy days can cause depression

And suicide rates can go up in cloudy cities


A deeper appreciation of life

Can change one’s perspective of dreary days

Every day is a good day

It is just that some days are better than others

And cloudy days are no exception

The people of Medellin Colombia

Taught me this!!!

A Revival and Renaissance

A Revival of Life

Just when you think you are on a dead end road

A power sparks the flame of life

To rejuvenate and revive

The verve of spirit and mind and body

The proverbial to “mount up with wings like eagles…”

It can happen at any age, in any age group

The weariness of the world is upon all of us

Sometimes tired for no particular reason

Life, once again, doing it’s many performances

Often, life can give one a serious zap

And knock you out of perspective

Life can be very wearying

And then again, on many occasions

The Life Force

Will spark new things and re-energize life

Friday, June 16, 2017

Life's Choices

Life is like a maze

So many different pathways an individual can take

So many mistakes to be made, often after careful thought

But it´s always a choice to be made

God, I wish I could blame someone or something,

When things go wrong, after a wrong choice

And they will

But it is always a choice to be made

I am responsible for my choices

You are responsible for your choices

Oh that I could make all of the right choices!!

My heart knows the right choices

If it is clean and pure

My heart knows the pathway to good decisions

How great thou art, science and technology!!

But it is my heart that really knows


My God, people appreciate very little these days

It began with the children of the “Baby Boomers”

Prior to this generation

Our parents shoved “appreciation” down our throats

Baby Boomers, in an effort to give their children everything, possible

Forgot to teach appreciation

A lack of appreciation for things they did not buy

A lack of appreciation

For struggle, opportunities, worldly goods

And just the ordinary things in life

This is one theory for the lack of appreciation that we observe

There are other theories for this behavior

Perhaps, evolving times or “devolving” times!!

Christmas is a time when we see it most 

Wonderful gifts and people are not happy with them

Appreciation is the twin of gratitude

Both of which are taught at an early age

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Learn not to expect anything from anyone

A strong belief that something will happen or be the case”

Expectations can be heartbreaking and even more

Disappointment after disappointment in life

Science speaks of unrealistic expectations and its problems             

Life is so much easier

Without expectations

It is the least amount of agony and discontentment in

One’s Life

Fundamentally, people are not dependable

The good ones and the bad ones, as well

The immoral state of man

Not to fulfill the moral duty and sense of humanity

It really depends on individuals

Not to expect things from others

My grandmother born c. 1890 taught her offspring

“No one owes you anything”

However, in intimate relationships

Such as family, close friends with intimate emotions and feelings

We can often learn to expect things

Still bad!

I have learned, through pain

Not to expect anything from anyone
It all starts with a”Grateful Heart”

Life Long Learning

Life is about Learning

No matter how old one becomes

Learning new things is always good

There are an infinite number of things to

Learn about life, love and the world

Every man is ignorant in his own way

Lifelong learners are

Willing to accept new things

New experiences, new information

The “truth of life

It is a deliberate and voluntary action

It is indeed a good thing, a healthy thing

For a more pleasant knowledgeable person

To age gracefully

To appreciate life, even the more

To take advantage of every opportunity

And to live each moment with gratitude

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Such a rare phenomenon in life!

There are supposedly seven types of love

Eros, philia, stor, agape, ludus, pragma and philauta

So many different ways to define it

Interestingly, the types are increasing

And admittedly, there must be one source for these types

Using a philosophical reductionist approach

We could reduce the types to just ONE

What a wonderful way to define his existence

God is Love

Loves brings out the best in all of us

How much more if we all loved, unconditionally

And yes, loves brings out the best in all of us                       

Unconditional love is a wonderful experience

No matter what, I will love and always love this person

Always total forgiveness

Our unconditional love can never compare to

The Love of God

For He is perfect love

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hidden Treasures

The Hidden Treasures of this World

How many times we looked for something

Valuable or not

We know that it is there, but just can't find it

They are hidden from us

And so it is with the hidden treasures in this world

Treasures are hidden all around us 

All we have to do is search for them

Pirates hid treasures all the time

Sunken ships with endless amounts of wealth under the sea

Hidden treasures everywhere!

Everyone would love to find hidden treasures

But very few of us are successful

Dear ones

There are hidden treasures and riches of

Secret Places”

More valuable than silver and gold

In this world, but not of this world!

And truer still, “very few of us find them”

Dangerous Territory

It's Dangerous

Asking a Millennial to do something 

That is important to you

Our priorities are so different

It definitely is not a matter of  “good or bad”

As many of them have good motives and intentions

They lack many virtues in the

The feminist ethic of “Care

This singular “ethic of care” covers so much

One thing that it covers

To prioritize the virtue of “responsibility”

If one accepts the responsibility of

Fulfilling a request from a family, friend or foe

Is important

Because when not fulfilled

It can cause so much unnecessary anguish

Life and Love

Life and Love are Forever

No man can destroy or discontinue life

Nor put an end to all things

All of the atomic and nuclear bombs

Can never destroy life

Life does not belong to man

The life force is of an eternal nature

Belonging to an eternal being

As physicists and scientists agree

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed

Such a scientific statement to be made, with regard to


Death is a part of the life cycle

We call it regeneration

No man can explain life and its origin

That is acceptable to all

No man knows when 

Life began or when it will end

Love, as life, will never die

Love is also infinite and eternal

Makes me feel good and cozy inside

Be Careful For “What” You Wish

Be Careful of Childhood Dreams

What You “Wish For”

Peru, a childhood dream came true

I have no idea where this dream came from

As a child

Peru just sounded so regal

I never researched much about it in my lifetime

But, for things you dream to do in life, research means less

You're going to do it, anyway

What a disappointment my childhood dream

Peru is xenophobic and expensive

Deeply Catholic, to love everyone!?!

I love people all people

Xenophobia is against my very fiber

For many reasons, mostly spiritual

Yet, I felt trapped there for five months

It was if I hated everyday being there

BUT I GREW IN MANY WAYS                                                                                                 

What the hell!!!

Still, I don’t like the city of Lima, “but I appreciate it

I am so happy to be back in Medellin Colombia since last Wednesday

After a year of being here

I will sum up everything else by saying

One night in Medellin was worth five months in Lima