Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Toothache Will Cause You To Do Many Things

A dental x-ray (© Image Broker/Rex Features)

Inmate breaks out of jail to go to the dentist

1 day ago

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands — especially when it's necessary to break out of prison to attend to a toothache. A Swedish inmate serving a one-month sentence at the obviously minimum-security Ostragard facility said he had complained to prison officials about the pain in his mouth, apparently to no avail. So he resorted to desperate measures: He busted out of jail, found a nearby dentist, had his inflamed tooth removed, then turned himself back in to police.
"My whole face was swollen," the 51-year-old told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper. "I just couldn't stand it anymore." When he got back to the prison, he was given a verbal reprimand and a one-day extension of his sentence. At least that extra day will be relatively pain-free. [Source]
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He's Always Linked To Porn Stars.....

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Charlie Sheen linked to adult film star Brett Rossi

Best Thanksgiving ever.<br /> I'm thankful for<br /> "Giving&... on Twitpic
Actor Charlie Sheen has sparked speculation of a new romance after he was snapped kissing a porn star on Thursday.
The “Anger Management” star was photographed kissing and cuddling adult film star Brett Rossi on the balcony of his villa in Los Cabos, Mexico, on Thanksgiving Day.
Sheen later took to to share a snap of the pair hugging, writing “Best Thanksgiving ever. I’m thankful for ‘Giving’ the world another face-load of planet jealous!”
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You Can Believe This With A Grain of Salt !!

Iran earthquake did not damage nuclear reactor, officials say

Iran earthquake: Iranian officials have told the International Atomic Energy Agency that their Bushehr nuclear power plant was unscathed following a magnitude 5.6 quake in the region.

By Fredrik DahlReuters / November 29, 2013
A worker rides a bicycle in front of the reactor building of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, just outside the southern city of Bushehr, Iran, in 2010. Iranian officials say that the reactor was undamaged following a magnitude 5.6 earthquake nearby.
Majid Asgaripour/Mehr News Agency/AP/File
Iran has told the International Atomic Energy Agency an earthquake near the city of Bushehr did not damage the country's sole nuclear power plant and it continues to operate normally, the IAEA said on Friday.
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At least seven people were killed in Thursday's earthquake that hit a region near the Bushehr nuclear power plant, state news agency IRNA reported.
The earthquake, which had a magnitude of 5.6, struck about 40 miles (60 km) northeast of Bushehr on the Gulf coast, according to U.S. Geological Survey data.
"Iran informed the IAEA's Incident and Emergency Centre (IEC) yesterday that no damage had been found at Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant," the U.N. agency said. "It said the plant, which was in operation at the time of the earthquake, continues to operate normally."
"Based on this information, and the assessment of the IAEA's International Seismic Safety Centre - which considers the earthquake's magnitude and ground shaking, as well as its location - the IEC is not currently seeking additional information from Iran," the statement said.
Iran sits on major geological faultlines and has suffered several big earthquakes in recent years. Less than one week ago, an earthquake measuring 5.4 in magnitude struck western Iran near its border with Iraq.
(Reporting by Fredrik Dahl; Editing by Andrew Heavens)

What's Up With This, "Only Wanting To Text Loved Ones or Friends?

It is just such an inhumane way to have a relationship, especially with loved ones !
One day, you will wish to be able to hear the voice of a loved one

Philosophically speaking (Kant)

Kant’s Categorical Imperative
The first (Universal Law formulation): "Act only on that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law."

 The second (Humanity or End in Itself formulation): "Act in such a way that you always treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never simply as a means, but always at the same time as an end."

Permitting technology to interfere with genuine conversation among humans and especially loved ones is lacking human empathy and, especially again, when one prefers to text than to talk; and often become annoyed when they have to talk with someone on the phone

I Think I Like His Wife More....

Trinity Broadcasting Network co-founder Paul Crouch dies at 79

By CNN Staff
updated 5:39 PM EST, Sat November 30, 2013
The Trinity Broadcasting Network announced that co-founder Paul Crouch died on November 30.
The Trinity Broadcasting Network announced that co-founder Paul Crouch died on November 30.
  • Paul Crouch dies at 79
  • He was a familiar face on Trinity Broadcasting Network
  • He worked in radio and TV for nearly 60 years
(CNN) -- Paul F. Crouch, co-founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, died Saturday at age 79, according to his website and the network's Facebook page.
"We are grateful for the life of this amazing servant of God. Please pray for the Crouch family during this time," said the announcement.
No further details on the televangelist's death were immediately available.
On November 5, TBN said Crouch fell ill and was hospitalized in Texas in late October. He returned to California for treatment of "his heart and related health issues," a network spokesman said. Crouch received a pacemaker in 2012.
TBN, based in Orange County, California, bills itself as the most-watched faith channel in the United States.
Photos: People we lost in 2013Photos: People we lost in 2013
Kenneth Thomas, a commenter on the TBN Facebook page, said of Crouch: "He was a great blessing to the body of Christ and to the world!"
Crouch, a native of St. Joseph, Missouri, began his broadcasting career in the 1950s, working at commercial stations. The pastor worked for the Assemblies of God in Burbank, California, during the early 1960s, operating its TV and film production.
In 1973, he and his wife, Jan, founded TBN, according to his website biography.
Among the TBN programs they hosted is "Praise the Lord," known for its ornate sets and diverse programming.
The network has a substantial international following; Crouch appeared on the show from Madrid, Spain, in October.
A network tribute posted Saturday afternoon said Crouch was a "television visionary" committed to spreading the gospel.
TBN has 84 satellite channels and thousands of television and cable affiliates around the world, according to the website.
"In a world filled with wars, disasters, plagues, and political turmoil TBN helps viewers understand major world events," it says.
Crouch served on the board of The Holy Land Experience, a biblical museum and experience in Orlando, Florida.

It Does Seem A Bit Self Serving

Romney's son criticized for tweet after crash

Josh Romney tweeted a photo of himself after helping four people involved in a car crash in Salt Lake City, Utah on Thanksgiving night.
SALT LAKE CITY  — Josh Romney says he helped four people after a vehicle crashed into a house Thanksgiving night in suburban Salt Lake.
The son former presidential candidate Mitt Romney tells the Salt Lake Tribune that he was on the way home with his wife and children from dinner with his parents when an SUV went right past their car, off the road and into the kitchen of the Holladay home.
Romney says he "was able to help each of them get out of the car and lift them down to the ground."
He also tweeted about the wreck, along with a picture of himself next to the vehicle.
Police confirmed his presence.
The Tribune reports that reactions on Twitter to Romney's tweet ranged from praise to criticism for posing for a photograph at an accident scene.

True That !

Serena Williams believes she and sister Venus 'changed the dynamic' of tennis as they arrive in Argentina for an exhibition match.
Serena, speaking ahead of the siblings' match-up on Saturday in Buenos Aires, believes being successful African-American women helped her and Venus leave an indelible mark on the world of tennis.
"We've brought a lot of passion, we've brought a lot of style and fashion as well to the game," Serena said.
"I think that totally changed the dynamic of the game. I remember in particular Venus started wearing all these amazing outfits and I was so influenced by that.
"I definitely think we had a huge impact on tennis in that way. As well, of course, bringing such power into tennis, and bringing a new colour.
"Being African-American, and playing successful tennis and winning grand slams, that hadn't been done in a long time. I think that got so much excitement involved in tennis as well."
Serena revealed this was the first time she had ever visited Argentina and the 17-time grand slam champion said she was excited by being in the South American country.
"This is my first time in Argentina, never been here before," she said.
"I've always wanted to come here and visit more of South America and bring tennis here. Myself and Venus, we've never played that much in South America because there are not too many tour events.
"So, we're really excited to be here in South America and have an opportunity to bring our tennis to Argentina especially, it's really, really exciting."
Venus, who relaunched her EleVen fashion brand in 2012, is happy to balance her off-court activities with her tennis career, despite dropping to 47 in the world rankings.
"I'm grateful and happy to be doing what I love down here, despite that in sport and in life, sometimes you're injured, sometimes you're hurt, sometimes you don't feel amazing," Venus said.
"I'm just happy to be playing great tennis. I do everything at the same time, tennis and fashion and all that stuff. You don't have to stop one to do the other."

Wearing Glasses Can Be Devastating.....

Facebook Group Supports Boy with Glasses

When her 4-year-old son Noah was reduced to tears by the thought of wearing glasses, Lindsey Fisher decided to turn to an unlikely source for help: Facebook.
To show Noah he was not alone, Fisher created a Facebook group called "Glasses for Noah."
On the Facebook page Fisher wrote that Noah didn't want to wear glasses. "He keeps telling us that 'everyone will laugh at him.'"
To help her son, Fisher made a request: "Show Noah how awesome glasses really are by posting some pictures for him to see you in your glasses!"
It turns out plenty of people wanted to show off their spectacles. Thousands posted photos to the page with supportive messages for Noah. The page has currently been liked by more than 4,000 people.
Lindsey Fisher's father and Noah's grandfather, Bannister Eads, told that all the photos have made Noah much happier about wearing glasses.
"He saw all these people wearing glasses and I think he thought, 'Well it's not so bad after all.' It helped him," said Eads.
On Friday, Fisher posted a message on the group wall thanking supporters for posting photos.
"Noah is LOVING them!!" wrote Fisher. "Y'all are amazing and we would give each of you a hug if we could!!!"
Eads said now Noah no longer cries when wearing glasses and is even comfortable wearing them to school.
"He puts them on after his nap at school. He's used to it now," said Eads, who also wears glasses. "He's like me. He can see now."