Monday, March 27, 2017


Healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit

Healing is divine and/or spiritual

When I cut myself, no matter how small or large, I pay close attention to the healing process

The healing process is not instantaneous or immediate.

It takes TIME and no precise quantitation of it, only estimates

Many physicians will always say, after an invasive procedure

“Go home, follow my orders and let’s wait and see”

And let nature work

And just how do we define this “nature” that is going to do the rest

Towards healing?

The healing process can be frustrating

But always marvelous to watch and absorb, often a little at a time.

I watch the edges of the cut or burn, during the healing process and care for it

A scab means the healing process is taking place

Of course there are scientific explanations, down to the microcellular level

Of the process

But what is the force behind the process that gives it, its force or power

So it is for matters of the heart spirit and mind, as well

Such as broken romances, tragedies, death of a loved one, etc.

So, be patient and believe in the healing process

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