Thursday, March 30, 2017

Athletes Are Beautiful People

Every time, I see any athlete, but especially, professional

I get a buzz about the beauty of life and what it is to be human

And superhuman

Some of the sports are just too much for words, just ineffable!

If I could be an athlete, I would enjoy field and track or tennis

Not swimming, never been that cool with a lot of water!

But, athletes who break the rules

Should be suspended

A realistic life lesson is to be learned

After the suspension, start OVER

Athletes spend so much time and energy of their lives to train for a sport

So, they need a second solid good chance after doing it wrong

To get it right

What a waste of beautiful life, if we didn't

Sports is moral, doing it honestly AND for the sake of mind, body and soul enrichment

And, of course, entertainment

And professional athletes need to do it a lot better

With their lives, their talent and their sport

On court and off court

Younger athletes are watching

Them as role models

We all are human and make mistakes

Do the crime, do the time


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