Saturday, March 18, 2017

For Spiritual Persons Only !!

My Friend Alexandra and Me

Sometimes, I share personal messages to my friends in my blog

Maybe, they can inspire someone who reads them

This message is a spiritual connection I have with Alexandra

I lost my sister to pancreatic cancer in 2008

I was devastated

She was my best friend and I still grieve my loss

It was this year in Guadalajara around New Years

I found great resolution for the very first time after eight years

The pain has lessened

I have a friend who is just like my sister in so many ways:

Alexandra could be my sister’s twin

Round and jolly

Pretty and nice

Inside and out

A lovely person

Attentive, responsive

And genuinely warm

And thus this FB message to her,

Dear Alexandra

For other reasons, I have been directed to share this moment with you

I usually obey the dictates of my heart

I had a much needed epiphany last night and I feel so much better this morning

I have had them since the age of four

And they are necessary for my life and well-being.

The last nine months, I have been extremely troubled on many sides, 

But my faith has survived and remained intact. 

Trusting is a must and moreover, a spiritual gift

Spiritualities are often difficult to explain, 

For they are spiritually discerned

Anyway, three persons from the other side came to visit me this week 

Two were my favorites and the other played a prominent role in my life

One may call them guardian angels 

Once when I was in a most difficult situation in life

About 20 came all at once 

And were lined up in two rows

What support I have been blessed to have, from the other side!

Right now,  I am in an inspired moment of my life

I have reopened my blog

My last entry was in June 2014

You know that I write essays on different topics and place them in FB

Then my opens were opened; and decided to put them in my Blog

I have already placed about 40 this month

I have, also  decided to place FB messages  to some of my friends in my Blog. 
They were inspired.  

I am placing one about you, today

Thank you so much Alex, for being just you and bringing comfort to my life!!

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