Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Environment is Also Spiritual

How many times have we said
"I don't like this atmosphere"

"There was something eerie about that place"

Often, even in peoples' homes, we get that uncomfortable feeling

It is not always about the physical parameters of any particular environment

But also, there is something spiritual about atmosphere as, "it's in the air"

Something that cannot be meaured with numbers

Human beings create atmsophere, both physically and spiritually

"I felt so much love there"

"I felt so uncomfortable"

The notion of creation is related to environment in so many ways

The constructs of creation that we know and discuss

Creativity, creatures, creatable, to create, intercreate, self-created

As creatures, we have the ability

To create atmosphere

To create moments and memories that will last forever

Within our power and will

And yet there is space for predestination

Could there be an ultimate Creator?

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