Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17, 2017

Detroit Michigan, Tainted Drinking Water

Lima, Peru, No Water

Which is worse?

Both are deplorable

I have been in Lima since January 15

This is the second time, without water for at least three days now

Nobody knows when water will return

That’is just a little bit too often

But they got shopping centers and malls going to bed!!!

Sounds a bit like New Orleans

They say it’s because of the floods in Peru

The cause is historical, like the levy problem in New Orleans

The people are calm as if “this happens all the time”

So I would be nuts to go berserk to complain about the necessity of water

I am calm as they are

Just hope the stores don't run out of bottled water

Who knows if bottling corporations are complicit  in this

People have buckets getting water from the park fountain

A lot of them waiting in turn

Water, a necessity for all life

True government provides clean water for its citizens

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