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I Love Tennis and the Tennis Girls and Boys!!

Average Salary of Tennis Ball Boy & Girl

Wimbledon Positions

Ball boys and girls at Wimbledon are volunteers selected from participating schools. They do not receive any compensation for these positions. It is an honor to be chosen. To be selected as a ball boy or girl, individuals must undergo an online training program and then request selection. Once selected, the individuals participate in a vigorous training program that includes physical fitness training, tennis scoring and ball skills, according to The training begins in February for the tournament, which starts in June
Sounds like modern day slavery to me!!!!!

Everybody else associated with the tournament are getting paid well !!

My Ode To Tennis Balls and Girls

Are so trained!

Are like soldiers

Little machines

Taking dirty towels

throwing balls back

Standing like robots

Holding umbrellas


Absorbing grief from disgruntled players

And very fast

Average Salary of Tennis Ball Boy & Girl in 2014

Earnings of Tennis Ball Boy in 2014

 In a year there number of events of Tennis , and there is team of Ball boy’s and girl’s who help the players by providing them balls during the match , but did you know how much they earn , what qualifications they need to get access to give duty as Ball boy. There are almost 500-700 boy’s who try to be the part of tennis events . But very few of them were selected who got full information of Ball boys rules .

Average Salary of Tennis Ball Boy’s – Girls

Ball Boys – Girls – Salary               Salary
Per Hour


Full Match (Expected )    $60 – $100

Qualification of Ball Boy – Girls:

earnings of Ball Boys and girls

The ball boys go for few physical tests before being chosen for the position , the must be active in the game and throw the ball in right direction collect the ball at right time , knows the rules of Ball boy . In big tournaments like Grandslam Wimbledon and the Queen’s Club Championships, they are picked from or apply through schools.  The most important thing is that the Applicant must pass the physical assessment .

Wimbledon Ball Boy’s – Girls

Well there are some Ball Boy’s and Girl’s who chose to be the part of the main , just to see their favorite players playing and to greet them . In Wimbledon ball boys can earn up $100 to $150 per match (Expected) .

US Open Ball Boy’s – Girls :

US Open another big event for the Ball boy’s and girls where they can make allot good money for their renders services during the match throwing balls .

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