Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Donald Trump is not ALL WRONG PART TWO

As a liberal and African-American, Donald is correct to some degree about the deportation of illegal AND undocumented immigrants. I am still backpacking throughout Latin America for three years and have visited almost all of the countries. I have been to Mexico four times. I see a different reality.

Mexico is largely responsible for the passage of illegal immigrants and undocumented immigrants from its country and many of the countries in Central America. With the billions of dollars of foreign aid sent to Mexico, it would have been a small thing for Mexico to have more extensive border control, along with the United States.

People in Latin America are not as, as we are told to believe. All of the large cities have mega shopping malls and plazas, the size of small cities. All of the major stores are there, e.g. H&M, Adidas, and Nike. The prices are the same and sometimes higher. The stores are jammed pack EVERY DAY AND ALL DAY; and people are leaving with many bags. Many hotels are expensive and a lot of their own citizens are in them! Unbelievable for such poor countries! Some countries even have exit fees. If these Latin American countries are not tolerating illegal immigration and undocumented persons, why should the United States.

 Most foreigners carry a photo copy of their passport and visa on them AT ALL TIMES!! Medellin, Colombia is notorious for stopping any and everybody for their ID or papers. I have been stopped many times. Westerners and backpackers (and I have met tons of them) are legally in Latin American countries and that includes Mexico.

I dare say that very few of these illegals and undocumented immigrants are fleeing persecution or war torn countries. They come for the economic benefit; don’t mind working 80 hours a week to send the money back home. As a one-time day laborer, myself, I worked with many of them and they told me personally their reason for working a hard ass day to make money

There are poor people in all countries and that includes, the United States; people earning minimum wage and trying to live off of it. So it is true that many of these illegal immigrants and undocumented workers are working hard in the United States to send money back home. The other day, I was told by Money Gram that they were not sending money out, but only receiving and the line was wrapped around the building. This has happened more than once. And you can best believe, the money that is coming in is the American dollar. Just today, I just stood and watched a Money Gram line, just for seeing it one more time in Lima Peru.

Indeed, America is a country of immigrants. But it needs to be done the right way; Just by definition, illegal and undocumented tell the story. Send them back. There are exceptions, such as the dreamers, BUT THERE ARE TIMES WE ALL HAVE TO PAY THE PIPER. For example, just because it takes detectives and police to find a killer after ten years, it doesn’t mean he can get off. HE OR SHE has to pay up for the crime. Mexico has done very little to stem the tide of illegal immigration and other Latinos who are passing through Mexico to get to the border.  Mexico is complicit in this activity.

For all of these bleeding heart liberals who are saying, “Let’s find a way to keep illegal and undocumented workers, need to spend some time in these Latin American countries and they just may change their story

We are a nation of laws and so are LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES when it comes to immigration. America does not have to be a bleeding heart to find liberal ways to permit illegal immigration for undocumented immigrants. Latin American countries do not permit it, so why should we?

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