Saturday, March 11, 2017

Words Live and Have Power

Isn´t it amazing that such a concept, “word”, doesn’t possess the biological characteristics of “life”.

Yet words, in fact, do live!!

The first words that LIVE in me were spoken when I was no older than two. My cousin
And I shared a crib on the second floor of my grandmother´s house. He was no older than 18 months and he had bow legs. He could hook things with his legs, lol). He hooked his legs on the crib bars and got out and ran to the door.

I hear so distinctly my grandmother hollering from downstairs, “Lionel, is that you? He scurried across the floor, hooked his legs on the crib and fell all over me. I had my first emotion, as well. “What a brute”!! I also remember smiling a little as well. I thought it was funny!!

Those words of my grandmother live in me. There are so many words and emotions that live in us. Many are both, kind and unkind in Every day as I meditate, I peruse over all the words that still live on, in me and my life, from many years back; some with good effects and others, not so good!

Plato in his “Theory of Forms and Ideas” would question, “What is the form of the word”? Indeed, there is a word; there are many words; and finally, there is “The Word”. Interpretations and conversations are truly abundant for such a thought that “words live”.

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