Sunday, March 12, 2017

Time, Space and Moments

What human being can accurately describe time and space?
Such phenomena are without boundaries and exact meanings
Who knows when time and space began? 
I have had this argument so many times with great minds!! lol
There has to be a beginning or starting, in order to measure, physically
Time and space are not physical

Both are without beginning and ending
Both are eternal
There is no known beginning and no known ending that we know of
Space has this same dimension of understanding with it's limitless quality

Quantitative scientists love numbers
They have formulated numerical measurements for time and space
But measurement must have a beginning and an ending
And there is none for time, beginning and ending; and limitless space

Numbers cannot explain all of the phenomena itn the universe

Time, as a series of consecutive moments

Life, also, is a series of moments

I remember specific moments

I, often, cannot remember “specific dates, times, hours or years”

But, I, even, remember my first moment in life

I was about eighteen months old and shared the crib with my rowdy one year old cousin. He controlled the crib and I was just his stepping mat, lololol  I thought what a brute, lol

Life is short with respect to time, live each moment well
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