Monday, March 13, 2017

I Will Not Be Silenced!!

If a person chooses to be silent, it should be his or her choice.
Human beings have the wonderful gift of voice and talking
To communicate with others in expressive ways

"Shut up”

Is perhaps one of the most disdainful things one human can say to another
One of the most egregious ways of silencing a person

The act of silence can be detrimental and, at times, really detrimental
And often, it is the wrong thing to do or to be

Extremely aggressive persons love the silence of persons for whom they wish to control
As in our governments

Phenomenologists, (sub discipline of rational philosophy) say 

that every rational person has a right to make a comment on any idea, if he chooses.

because, even the awkward comments need  to be included in the discussion of any "whole idea"

For it is a component of the totality

Parts and Wholes, 

Half full, Half empty

It is for me, related to human integrity and value
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