Saturday, March 11, 2017

Snippet of Backpacking in Latin America
First Entry

I am not a true backpacker
And yet, I have been doing it for almost three years.
First of all, I am not carrying anything heavy on my back, as is customary for backpackers
My back is not that strong!!! lol
I have luggage!!

I learned about hostels in Costa Rica and about backpacking, as well. Some backpackers told me that the perfect male back pack has two pair of shoes, three pairs of pants, five shirts, underwear, shampp, deodorant and shaving utensils

There is no way in heaven and earth that I will ever live without multiple outfits!!
As Chris Rock often says, “u neva no”! I may have to go out on a date!

When I land in a country, I am there for at least a month.
Not getting on a bus every two or three days to another city or country
My luggage prevents me from moving around every three or four days
Plus, I am too old and too tired to do it

Moreover, I need to talk to the people more so than seeing the historical sites
I just love people!!!
People are the most important creatures and creation in life, not historical sites
(My perspective)

Many people think it is so great how backpackers travel to so many different countries
Oh me, Oh my, oh goodness gracious, how privileged, oh so much money!!!
Dear hearts, it is not like that at all, haha!!
It´s about the sacrifices that we make

Most of us are on a serious budget and in search of all available bargains
There are often 16 bed dorms in a hostel that some choose for the economics of it
Even hostels are getting to be more expensive. There are still six dollars a night, dorm rooms

No privacy. I have always had issues with this. I have stayed in an eight bed dorm
And I still hated it; I need my own damn private bathroom
However, meeting international people in a hostel can never be duplicated
Backpacking, indeed the greatest of experiences!

All backpackers have horrible days and empty moments,
Life with all of its adverse moments doesn't change because one is abroad!!!
All backpackers grow emotionally and mentally at an exceedingly rapid pace

With adverse moments, like losing money, passport, pickpocket, other negative experiences
We have learned to get over it immediately and move on!
Not only is there no crying in baseball, there is on crying in backpacking!
Backpacking is pure growth
Backpackers are really brave and courageous persons and a smart subset of the total population

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