Saturday, March 11, 2017

Note to a Friend while Backpacing in Lima, Peru

SPECIAL MOMENT FOR ME (please let Renee read this, as well !)Rho

Hi Rhonda,

When you said to me that two post offices said, “no”, I was truly disturbed.  Reason being, it was the start of, perhaps, my best day in Lima; I had been in a lousy mediocre neighborhood (Olivos) for more than a month!! I really could have hated my life. I felt so stuck in life, in this. so so neighborhood in.

There are about 37 neighborhoods or districts and I was in Olivos, a newly forming middle class. But boring as shit!!! The only two places of interest to me were the two plazas that are there. The one closest to me, I went every day after the sun went down to have a drink or two!

I had two Pisco sours (their drink) and sat and watched thousands of Peruvians walking, here and there. So bland, so overcrowded!! This appeared to be the social part of the city’s life, because many were eating, shopping and so forth. And yet being so bored, I learned so much about me, people and indeed, life, itself!!

Parents teach their children a purview of life that they can take or should use as a guide. And for good or bad, the purview of the parent remains throughout the life of the child. There will be some straying, of course. In many cases, there NEEDS to be straying!!

There are so many other influences of all types that help to mold and form our existence. The parents influence remains, fundamentally.

I have empathy for xenophobes. Their lives are cumbered, overshadowed and concealed by such negative influences from the politics and social influences of their countries and government.  Xenophobes miss out on the wonder and beauty and the appreciation that can be found in all of humanity.

My response is sorrow and especially for the young as they are being crippled by their environment to know others who are different. I did get a few peek a boo looks;  but as if to say, I really would like to meet you, but this not what we Peruvians do!

I am now in Barranco, the supposed artsy neighborhood of Lima. I found a taxi cab driver/ friend who is getting me the things that I need. He, even, found me a small hotel that I love and the price way cheaper than most. I love the neighborhood that I live in and being 5 minutes away from clubs and bars!

So when you told me the bad news, after a little reflection, I decided that I was not going to let bad information PISS ON MY PARADE! I needed to be strong. Let it be!

My strength came from the knowledge and wisdom found in the thought, “when I desire to do good, evil is always present”. You might have heard of the Story of Job, who lost, everything and then regained it after being steadfast in the faith, the awareness that evil is always present with the good
Job 1; 6 now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them.

Evil is always in the presence of goodness

Staying in Olivos during this period of true boredom was a moment for deep reflection. I am bringing this back packing baby in!!! lol. I would love to go to Medellin once more to close things out. I have a few good friends there that I would love to see. It is also one of two cities that I love. Guadalajara is the other. I need to make a decision. I hope to check out things in Medellin to learn what I need to do getting residency

I need you to send my mail just once more!!

Thank you so much for the agony that you were in trying to help me

I am going to post this personal note in my Blog. It represents an existential moment for me. There are those that can appreciate such moments

You are special type of survivor!
Love you

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