Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Foreign Aid in Latin America

When the United States sends Foreign Aid to less fortunate countries in Latin America,  it is a worthy and moral idea because they are less fortunate than we are.

However, poverty is not only in Latin America, but also in America, as well. Indeed poverty, at varying levels, is in most countries, if not all.

We send billions of dollars each year to Latin America for Developmental Assistance, Economic Support Fund and Global Health Programs-USAID.

Two of the questions often asked of our Government are: Is the money being used for intended purposes? Or how much of it is intercepted by corrupt government officials for their own purposes?
As I have traveled throughout Latin America and most of its countries, I have gained a most wonderful and genuine respect for the language, culture and history.

From what I have observed, I now question if it is appropriate and moral to take away from the poor people in America to assist the poor people in Latin America. For example, the American Government is slashing The Food Stamp Program and poor people in Latin America are eating just well.  I have observed that Latin Americans present three and four discount cards to the cashier to pay for their groceries. Obesity is no small problem in most of these countries. In addition, there are many poor people working minimum wage in America, supporting themselves and their families. They need help as well.

Every time, I walk through a mall in Latin America, I am absolutely mesmerized. The malls in many of these countries are like small cities with high end stores, such as H&M, Nike and Adidas. These malls are jammed pack ALL DAY LONG with the people leaving with many purchases.

One wonders if some of this foreign aid is being for the benefit of American corporations and businesses to increase their profits.

Hotels are expensive just as they are in America. However, many citizens of each perspective country that I have visited are ALSO PAYING TO BE IN THEM and with their entire families

There appears to be more cars clogging up the streets, all day long, than citizens walking!
In the rich barrio of Miraflores, Lima Peru, high rise condominiums line the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Wealth! Wealth! Wealth!

It bemuses me that if each of these persons paid $10,000 extra to their country, they may not need American Foreign Aid

Perhaps, the real kicker is that many Latinos become illegal immigrants in America, after we have sent their country foreign aid.

And we take care of them at the expense of struggling Americans.

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