Monday, March 13, 2017

Expressing Emotions

A note to a best buddy,  

“You are so advanced intellectually and rationally! Your response was almost perfect and better than what many professors could express in writing and otherwise.  However, I would not be your friend and as you say, your best friend; if I did not touch from time to time, sensitive areas of your life and perhaps, the most sensitive. 

I am understanding and gentle. I love it this way, the way I was born, the way I was meant to be, the way that I live, the way that has sometimes startled me finally, the way that I had to grow into to becoming a person with a healthy esteem; regardless of what others think.

I wrote you a scathing FB note last week. I thought that I had sent it, but hours later, realized that I hadn’t. You were sending me something at the same time. God, I was relieved.

This note is of the same content, but from a different emotion. I am grateful that I didn’t send the first one! lol

Having said that, are there experiences that one can have to grow emotionally?

I think so. Routine Socratic self-examinations are certainly one response; and way to do it rationally and intellectually. And that certainly is an experience with emotion

We all have emotions, expressed or non-expressed. Expression in its platonic state is one of the greatest of human behaviors. There are literally thousands of varied and diverse human expressions

Love, kindness, graciousness, merciful, SHARING…….ad finitum !!!

Hate, anger, jealousy, ungratefulness, finitum!!!

Oh! to express these emotions, appropriately, so fully and completely!!

Why would anyone want to share just a fraction of the gifts of life? A gift, indeed, is free and given with love and no strings attached

Oh the beauty of the creator’s creation, whether by the cause of existence, itself; nature, science and perhaps, even God!

You have the existential construction of perfect expression, so why settle for less?

This is completeness, human arrival, self-actualization, of what Maslow wrote,

I am so fortunate that I have experienced such a ton of varied and diverse emotions which help me be the person that you love so deeply!!

Your emotions are in PRISON and they are screaming to be FREED

And just how do I know this? I SAW IT

I could be with you a thousand years and I don’t think that I will ever see so vividly, the deepest and frailest of your emotional being,

I LOVED IT! My belief is that YOU KNOW that you shared it with me. You wanted someone to know and that someone is me

I think you need to start with some tremendous overtly actions.  Some may bring some level of discomfort, but it’s OK. But realizing emotions span the gamut of eternity.

It is the expression of the emotion that counts the most.

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