Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wonderful Birthday Wish From Benny to Alexandra

These are two of my friends. Alex's birthday was yesterday and Benny wrote her this love letter on FaceBook. I think that is so beautiful and from the heart

Hola Mi Amor. :) 

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and tell you that I love you.

Yea I know you probably don't believe me but I do . 

And it's not just because your beautiful . 

I luv that you make me laugh and smile, but the real kind , not the fake kind. 

Because your funny and I know that hehe .

I've never truly been able to laugh and smile but now I can :) 

I love that your real with me and that I can be real with you

And not hide my feelings from you because 

I know that I can trust you and that you'll hear me out.

You don't just hear, you listen to me .

I love the way you smile and laugh.

It has brought happiness to my life since the first day I met you. 

You make the sun shine brighter and my nights feel like day.

My life used to be like a coloring book, 

All full of outlines but with no one to color them . 

You've filled them with color and even added a story to those pages. 

Our Story. 

You asked me if I had one wish, what would it be. 

It would be that we could keep writing this story of ours . 

We've had our ups and downs 

But you've always been so strong and you've also kept me strong. 

Your love and patience has made me feel that there is purpose in this life . 

You are my breath , without you I couldn't go on. 

You are my eyes because without you I'd rather be blind. 

You are what gives flavor to my tongue because you've helped me taste life for what it really is. 

You are the pillow that conforts my mind and helps me sleep at night. 

You are my stars in the darkness because always light the way for me

And don't let me get lost.

I could go on forever Amor but forever wouldn't be long enough. 

You are the most beautiful, caring , patient and strongest person I've ever known

And I'm the luckiest person in this world to have the honor of being your man.

I Love you so much. You are my heart , my soul mate , you are my all and more . 

You are my Queen and I will always be at your side. Happy Birthday baby, I can't wait to see you again
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