Sunday, April 2, 2017

Simplicity is Fundamental

Simplicity is Timeless Quality

It is eternal

Timeless Classic

Therefore, it is grand

Time respects simplicity

Simplicity is beautiful

"A Black Dress"

Simplicity does not go out of date

Simplicity is always good

Very little goes wrong with simplicity

Simplicity is all that we ever needed

Simplicity is sufficient

We made our lives complex

Our desire to rise above the stars

And we have done it

We have forgotten that simple things make life easier

We have adorned ourselves and the world

With superficialities

They are the causes for much of our complexities

That breed

Our discontment and stress of life

Stress can kill and HAS

Wise people avoid complexities 

The world is complex

Therefore, WE ALL NEED TO KISS!!

Yes, Kiss

Keep it simple stupid!!

Hellllllll Low!!!!
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