Friday, April 7, 2017

Millennials at a Birthday Dinner

I was invited to a birthday dinner party for a Millennial associate

In a very nice restaurant

Eight of us were celebrating a birthday party

Seven were on their cell phones doing only God knows what

They rarely talked to each other

I was absolutely stunned

They are all college educated

Heads buried in their cell phones

Slaves to technology

What could be that important?

That they could not put their toys away

To share and chat with the birthday celebrant

But the celebrant was on her phone as well

This is not good

It’s the newest and worse form of an enculturation

Something is really wrong with this trend

People are losing their humanity to technology

Literally thousands of technologically distractors

That inhibits real human communication

Is this intentional by the government?

Could this be an intended behavior?

To keep people’s head buried in the sand

To not realize what is REALLY happening in a political and economic world

I went to a club, recently, in Lima

And I saw a group of six people at a table

And all were on their cell phones in the darkness of the club

Going out to dinner or a club is to RELAX and COMMUNICATE with others

Urgent phone calls are necessary

But to fiddle n the phone while celebrating a human celebration

Is the worse type of behavior and immoral at some point
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