Monday, April 3, 2017

Extending The Olive Branch

After writing this piece on extending the olive branch, I was called into action. I believe a new friend stole my cell phone charger. He said he didn’t do it. I also believe Judge Judy would rule in my favor. I lost my inner peace for a minute. But I re-gathered my piece and extended the olive branch of reconciliation. I feel good inside

Something Is Wrong With All Of Us

What a normalizing truth!

There are absolutely so many different and varied imperfections, among us all

In each of us, moral humans

Each imperfection, striking and distinct in its own way

Often manipulated for advantageous reasons,

We definitely prioritize imperfections to feel good about ourselves

For example, adultery is worse than envy

At least I am not like…..

An imperfection is an imperfection

And we, often, sit in uninformed judgment seats

With proud posturing and contempt

But NOT with perfect knowledge

“…For now we see through glass darkly…?

And often that very tiny space of not having perfect knowledge

Is the link that we don’t have for perfect judgment

But, extending an olive branch is righteousness

The olive branch of ove, understanding and reconciliation

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