Monday, April 3, 2017


New Year’s Eve 2016

I may have had the best night of my life last night in Guadalajara

Miracles after miracles after miracles! Just ineffable! 

There are no words that I know to express the experience!!

I am a believer

I just believe and I believe in all things

The ethics of belief requires that there be some evidence

The theology of belief requires that faith be the evidence of things

Not seen or known to the senses.

No matter the belief system that one possesses

It will be and must be challenged

To test the construct of ¨strength of conviction”

That sustains the belief system.

Patience is one of the major keys to success in any endeavor of life

After many years of Spanish study and traveling throughout Latin America

I have always struggled to understand the language

Slightly different in each Latin American country

And then all at once in Guadalajara

I started to speak and understand everyone

What joy

Nothing short of amazing

New Years Eve, 2017

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