Friday, April 7, 2017

And Life Goes On....

Natural Disasters and Tragedies Affect Us All

But life, its chores and its meanings continue, as if nothing happened

People still have to go to work the next day

Go to school, to the market, to sporting events, to the malls, etc.

Taking care of their families

Absorbing loss, disaster and tragedies

Often with immunity and not a lot of after thought

When the next disaster strikes

It could be any of us

We just don’t know

None of us has the power to tell life and time

To stand still

So we can take a break and regroup

We must pick up the broken pieces

And move on

For life and time go on and on and on…

All of us believe tomorrow will come

It always does

With new challenges and new hopes

That things will be better

Life is stronger than death

Life, itself as phenonmenon, has no beginning

And apparently no end

It must be respected

It must be cherished and appreciated

Billions of ova are never fertilized

A matter of chance, probabilities and/or possibilities?

Or is there something or someone greater than life itself?

We just don’t know

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