Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Family Secrets

Family Secrets

Can be devastating for the family

Every family has dark secrets

The family, the central core of a person’s socialization process

Family secrets rob the family of dignity

Of its love

And of its unity

Those who carry the secret are burdened and not free

Burden of something dark

Reflected in their, oft times, negativity with life

Aunt Betty is a mean ole biddy

Uncle Jake is a snotty curmudgeon

Perhaps, the worst secret is incest

Or, Susan is not Bob's mother, but his grandmother

Secrets have destroyed families

Some secrets can still have an effect on newer family members, as well

The love does not flow because of the secret

Every member of said family should know the secret

One of the issues is, perhaps, when to tell certain family members

There is no time like the present

Reveal the secret

Let the family begin to heal

Each member to heal
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