Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gratitude IS HARD to Come By

Being thankful, is being pleased and relieved

Being grateful, is to be filled with gratitude, indebted, obliged, under an obligation, obligated,

By definition, they are different

The experience of ingratitude is an unholy alliance

There is a connotative difference between the two

Something that Millennials need to learn

Gratitude is a state of being in existence, when and where nothing, is taken for granted

Baby boomers were taught gratefulness

And I suspect that generations, before, were also grateful persons

My mother drilled with "electricity" gratefulness to her children 

Take NOTHING for granted

No one owes you anything

Life is a gift
I can hear her teachings, many many years later

“You need to be more grateful”

“You are so ungrateful”

“No one owes you anything”, she would say

“Be grateful for what you have”

“No one has to give you anything, so be grateful”

She would also say

 “No matter how badly you think you are doing in life
Someone in this world is worse off than you”

So Learn To Be Grateful

I have never seen such ungratefulness, as with Millennials

When one can be thankful for all things, good and bad

One has reached a spiritual understanding
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