Monday, April 10, 2017



Is a virtue of the highest necessity

To get through life with a measure of comfort and well-being

Patience has saved many a soul

Waiting is not patience

One can wait patiently or impatiently

Impatience has led to a many wrong decision

The microwave and fast food chains

Are historical and generalized symbols of our impatience

And our complex lives

Fast food chains used to be fast 

Many are anything, but fast these days

With a little bit of patience, love and care

One could cook the meal faster at home

And a lot healthier

Our lives should not be that stressed and busy

,That we can't peel potatos instead of adding water to the powdered mix

Yippee, and there you got instant mashed potatoes in less than five minutes

I once went to a faculty and grad student department dinner

One of the faculty members brought

Green beans and popped it in the microwave and into a dish and served it

No salt, no pepper, no butter, no nothing

But there it was, microwaved and ready to eat!!

The kitchen is a symbol of love

Food, cooked with love and care for families and friends

There is love in preparing food for the family or ANYONE

A too busy and complex life are not good enough reasons

Not to nourish yourself with good food

We are living with 

Right Now” Generations

Instant gratifications is the modem of the day

Resisting a smaller but more immediate reward 

In order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later

I want it right now!

I don’t have the patience to wait

The tortoise wins the race because he is constant and sure footed

Whereas the hare

Is fast tracking through career choices and opportunities and even relationships

Usually out of fear

Learning patience is experiential

We all have trials and tribulations in this life

But we work our way through these problems

By doing this, we learn patience

And with the patience, we gain experience in life

And gain hope, a fruit of LOVE
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