Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Adrenalin and Anger

Adrenalin, When Angry, Can Be A Good Thing

We are never too sure with men about our anger

Whether it is the testosterone or adrenalin or both

But today, my anger was due to an adrenalin rush

I asked a taxi cab driver in Lima Peru to take me to the beach

To see a soccer match of associates

The beach was a 15 minute walk from where I was

And a five minute ride in a tuk tuk

He wanted to take me along the Pacific Coast beach line in Lima!!!!!!

This was the second time a taxi cab driver


This time I was not having it!

Angry, Livid, Enraged and Infuriated

I went off on him in the most indignant tirade ever for about 15 minutes


I shocked the hell out of myself

I was so angry and yet so happy

So thrilled that I was speaking Spanish fluently

I re-gathered myself, thank God!

And directed him to take me back to the starting point

Where there was an ATM

I told him from the start that I only had seven soles

It only would have cost 4 or 5

We never found the soccer match

He accepted what I had!!!

What a wonderful  experience with anger!!
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