Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I learned about something that I had always being doing since a kid


I learned the idea and language of coping in Junior High School

Even though the tools of coping were in action most of my life

My mother taught us how to cope

She did not use that word

I just did not think about it in the specific lingo or language of coping

But oh how life has changed!!

Coping mechanisms are absolutely necessary for life

In order to keep afloat 

I have had to delineate, identify, work through, experience, and understand

The specific coping mechanisms that work for me

Absolutely necessary for survival!!

Drugs and alcohol are the worst coping mechanisms

Many a homeless person did not have coping mechanisms

For whatever ailed them

Loss of job, marriage, death and the list is endless

I judge no man

Woe, it could be me

Patience is a key for survival

Some things take a long time coming

Healing is often slow, but sure

A good support system is needed

Sometimes, the system is just ONE person

I hate the phrase

“Survival of the fittest”
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