Sunday, April 2, 2017

March 31st, 2017

It is a special day for me

My inspiration to write returned this month

I published over 120 blogs

I am greatly amazed for this alone

I have been, patiently, waiting for this inspiration to return to write

My eyes are firmly locked on an unpublished manuscript of 20 or more years

I am more amazed that it has happened to me in Lima, Peru

The city that I have always wanted to visit since childhood

And the city I like the least  of all the cities I have visited

After traveling through Latin America for three years

Because of its xenophobia

It is such a waste of the human spirit, not to know others and to diversify


The city that I feared the most

Is the city I that I love the most

Medellin, Colombia

With Guadalajara, a close second

Many of the people are friendly, warm and have soul

I have been looking for a city where I can live and write

Lima can’t be the city because

It is xenophobic and I absolutely love to engage with other people!!

Just trying to understand how a Catholic country and city can be so


Such a conundrum

Latin America is a stronghold for Catholicism

Where the doctrine is to love everyone as Christ did

Up to ten million people in Lima

Such a disservice to the young people of the country

So much undeveloped talent

Having said all of that,

I appreciate Lima

So much growth being manifested

Spanish is getting better

Broke into some cliques

Went outside half naked

Had some firsts

Guess Lima is not all that bad!

I love where I am staying

And totally relaxed

With goals still to be achieved

But my eyes are on returning to Medellin

Just need to be there one more time

To see if it is really “for real”
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