Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I Remember When....

The Police Walked the Beat in America

Everything wasn’t necessarily right with the country

As it was pre Civil Right years

But even during those times

There was a certain “calm” in the streets

Certainly, there were fewer guns in circulation

Remember those good ole, “fist fight” days

And may the best man win

However, the presence of police walking the beat

Provided some source of comfort and care

Neighborhoods knew their policemen walking the beat

They talked and chatted and knew the people in the neighborhood

They were non-threatening

Oh, but how times have changed                               

There is no more walking the beat

And “officer friendly”, has all, but disappeared

Let’s put it this way

I experience cultural shock whenever I return from being abroad

I re-gird myself in all previous defensive ways

It feels a lot safer walking the streets in Latin America

Police still walk the beat in many countries in Latin America

I know some of them as they know me

They are very symbolic and many without weapons

There is a felt security

I feel quite certain that police who walk the beat

Deter crime to a measurable extent

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