Monday, April 17, 2017

Sometimes, The Shit We Do

Sometimes, we have our reasons for doing the shit we do

That no one else understands, but "us"

Or the person who is doing the said, "no no"

But the said reason has been sanctioned by our existence

Sometimes, it is of utterance nonsense to others

But remember, your personal existence is speaking to you

An existence that is uniquely yours

Not meant to be understood by ordinary persons

You believe that the outcome is “a good”

I am definintely a process person

Sometimes and often

Free Will or Determinism or both or neither of the two

Has anything to do with our choices and actions

As they are the ideas and intellect of mere mortal men

There is  a greater idea and greater intellect in "existence"

Some of us prefer to live by it

And experience something greater and of a greater fulfillment
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