Friday, April 7, 2017

I Love Elephants and the Lion Pride

I love all animals and especially wild life

If I had to be an animal, it would be a female elephant

There is no smarter animal

She guides her family through life, light and darkness

In times of plenty

Through drought and famine

And through all danger

They take care of each other

Elephants know each other for life

No matter, if they have been separated for 50 years or more

For reason being captured and held in captivity, a ZOO

Elephants are there for the mating, the birth, the life, the death

Of each other!

What fantastic memories!

The lion pride

King of the jungle and king of the pride, what a position!

The females do everything

His position is solely to mate and protect

The perfect harem

The females work together in unity

For all functions and sustenance of life

The food belongs to him if he is hungry         

No matter who else is hungry

And intruding hyenas trying to steal the caught meal

The rule is

"I need this food for strength to take all of you"

I need the food for energy to PROTECT ALL OF YOU!
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