Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Spark of Life

The Greatest Miracle Ever

Life, the unexplainable phenomenon

What a marvel and spiritual blessing

In which we all partake

We only know of its characteristics and its manifestations

Beyond the finite knowledge, wisdom and understading

Of mere mortal men

No scientist, nor philosopher, nor theologian

Knows or is capable to explain

The spark that says “life"

Or that moment when life is conceived

When only select sperm and ovum form life

Leaving behind

An infinite number of unfertilized eggs and unfulfilled sperm

For life belongs to God

A phenomenon that belongs to him, alone

Dr. Frankenstein tried, but failed

Oh! life in its many wonderful manifestations

Butterflies and daisies

The greatest spark in existence

Unknown to science

How glorious is life!

To touch, to taste, to smell, to hear, to see

To think, to emote, to sense, to grow

The infinite beauty of life!!

That many angels desire to look into

But given only to a select few within

 “The realm of existence"
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