Tuesday, May 2, 2017


 Faith and Believing

To believe is different than to have faith

Descartes reminded us of this in the 17th century

“Je   pense, donc  je suis”

I think, therefore I am

One can doubt EVERYTHING, but one cannot doubt that one is thinking

It is so correlated with one's belief system

Each man has his or her own belief system

Belief Systems are formed early in life with those who rear us

We modify it, as we age, grow and experience life and “existence”

One must believe something or "in something"

Senses are physiological capacities of organisms that provide data for perception

Yet, there are so many phenomena to know in our spiritual world, as well

Things that the five senses don’t ordinarily perceive

Phenomena that are spiritual or at least beyond the material world

Beyond belief is faith for the un-seeable and the unknown

One’s faith is and must be tried in this life

For those who dare to live

Often, one’s faith can be in a state of doubt

The truly faithful hold on when in darkness

And FAITH re-establishes itself as a rock!

And for me,

Why not have faith in the ultimate idea of the world

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