Sunday, May 28, 2017

For Those Who Dare to Believe

Oh to believe!

For those of us who 

Dare to live life to the fullest

Engaging every experience

Not always knowing the positive certainty of the outcome

But believing anyhow

Overcoming every doubt

There must be a solid foundation

For such endeavors

God is my solid foundation

Traveling throughout Latin America for three years

What an experience

What reliance on faith

For all of my shortcomings

Faith and doubt are always in tension

With each other

But we choose our heroes in life

One of my mine is Moses

Down by the red sea

Pharaoh in pursuit

And the Children of Israel

Can’t turn back

But must go forward

A block, a wall, a hindrance, too much water

Oh whatever shall I do

Wait on the salvation of the Lord

To provide a way of escape

God has delivered so many times before

Oh to believe!

Often, just believing in the idea of God

Is sufficient

Even if not fully committed

Because even the idea of God is powerful
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