Sunday, May 7, 2017

Still Learning Not to Worry

Still Learning Not to Worry

Some say, “that to worry is to sin”

Whether it is a sin or not

The deduction can be drawn is that there is not belief or trust

The first thing that comes to mind from childhood

Is that worry can cause early greying

Worry is insidious and damaging to person hood

It can ravage body, soul, mind and spirit

And each, of these, is distinct in its own way in existence

We all have worried

We have often said to loved ones and associates

“You worry too much”

A worry wart!

People who don’t seem to worry, about anything

Are often criticized as non-caring and unconcerned

Perhaps, it’s not that at all, true

I would love to be such a person

There is a universe of problems in this life

That can cause reason for worry

We are finite, incomplete and dependent beings

And cannot solve all of life's problems

After one has done all that he can do to resolve the issue           

If it doesn’t get better


This takes place with belief and faith

It can be a life-long learning experience

I trust God

Even learning to trust God

Is a lifelong learning experience

Keeping surroundings free of clutter helps
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