Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dependence On Others

Depend Only On Yourself

Being independent is healthy and fulfilling 

And still then, things can go wrong

It’s all in the game of life

But depending on others can be

So disappointing, nerve wrecking and so much more

But often, our requests do not have a priority

In the lives of others, many of whom we depend

Or when they do it, it is all wrong

More importantly

A man’s word is his bond

My grandmother, born c. 1895, taught her offspring

So many humans have a weak bond

And others, none at all

Of, course there are those that have good intentions

But life does happens and there are reasons

But reasons are not excuses

Mankind is a symbiotic organism

A  type of inter-dependence

Rather difficult argument to make in these days and times

But we  need and depend upon each other

As the song says, "No man is an island"

When someone depends on another

It is often a type of moral burden

Caregivers are a prime example

Broken promises can be heart breaking

From our elected officials to families and friends

Being independent is a virtue

But even independence  can become a vice

Too much independence can be detrimental to the person
  But true, it so much more fulfilling when you can

Do It Yourself, if you can

The moral of this story is

Put not your confidence in man!!

God help us all who, sometimes depend on Millennials

Or depend on a Facebook friend

To respond in an ordinate amount of time

Their reason AND excuses, results of post modern technology

Buried heads in their cell phones most of the day

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