Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Everybody Has A Story

Everybody has a Story
Even babies have their own jibber jabber  story
Don’t fool yourself
When babies jibber jabber to each other
They understand the story that is being told
We, all, need someone to listen to our story
Every human being has a story
Of all sorts of unquantifiable and diverse human experiences
All stories have meaning
Though many have obscure meaning
Some stories must be told and shared with others
To achieve freedom of life
We are often frustrated when people tell their stories
Here, the virtue of a good listening here is invaluable
Many a weary soul only needs someone who will listen
No one will ever know someone else’s complete story
For our stories are very personal and, often, quite intimate
They speak of our deepest existence
And those events and experiences contained within
Some stories are never told and should be told
Stories can reveal cause and effect
Stories are descriptions of a person’s life
Many are too eager to tell their story
Others need to tell their story, but don’t

Finally, some stories are absolute lies

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