Monday, May 15, 2017

The Monday After Mother's Day

And any day of the year

Mother’s Day is everyday

And to be celebrated EVERYDAY

Mother Earth, always giving

Always and forever bringing forth

Life in diverse ways

Motherhood, the noble and glorious state of life and existence

Only experienced by women

And envied by men

Even the greatest men who have ever lived

Had mothers

Einstein, Beethoven, Da Vinci, to name a few

Even more, some mothers are blessed to become

Grandmothers, great grandmothers, great great grandmothers

Mothers who have nurtured us

And still continue to do so

From the embryonic and fetal stages of life

The beginning of life and thereafter

Who chose not to abort

Mothers, owning the feminist ethics of care

To nurture, to support and to teach

Mothers who share in the happiness and sadness of their children

Sharing in the victories and defeats

Mothers who always defend

And who always stand in the gap

Mothers who weep and cry for their children

And have stayed up all night

Mothers who worry about the safety of their children

Mothers who sacrifice so much 

Mothers who are given a second chance

With grandchildren to whom they show greater leniency

Than they did for their children

To possibly get it right this time

Mothers, imperfect beings

But without whom, the earth could not be replenished

Mothers, for better or worse

Mothers, never to be replaced

Mothers, an eternal gift and blessing

Mothers are forever

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