Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blessing, Serendipity, Chance or Luck

Blessing, Serendipity, Chance or Luck

Four ways of describing

An unexpected wonderful event 

That comes a the right time

A  propos

Blessings proceed from a Being

The other three from a Non Being

From an unidentifiable source in the universe

It is dependent upon one’s belief system

Sometimes, good things happen at the right moment

Other times, good things happen to horrible people, 

However, no worries

For the sun shines on the just, as well as the unjust

These wonderful and unforgettable moments

Often come at a moment that one needs a break

From the, often, tortures of life

We had no control over the event

So we relegate the event to either

Blessing, Serendipity, Chance or Luck

Interesting that a blessing comes from a being

The others, from something else in the universe

Perhaps the collision of molecules

Or it was just in the numbers

Like the lottery

Some events are so

Definitive, right on target, my name on it,

Healing, specific, awfully amazing

In these occasions

Some have “prayed”

Others say it is "the numbers game of life"

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