Thursday, May 25, 2017


I am inclined to respond 

In a humane way

No matter the reasons why, cause or effect

Just for the sake of humanity

Such a deep and spiritual connection

The numbers are startling and startlingly

In the sixties and seventies

Virtually no homelessness

People were more humane

And we took each other in

The epidemic of homelessness began

During the Reagan Administration

When he closed state mental institutions

The mentally ill were released into the streets

Halfway houses that came as a result were inadequate

To keep this segment of the population

Compensated by their prescription drugs

And health care

Needless to say

There are so many other reasons for homelessness

That run the gamut of reasons

One reason is the lack of affordable housing

My response is to

Not pass judgment

It could be me

So, I help

Regardless of the reason, cause or effect

And however they choose to use the gift

It doesn’t matter to me

A state of gratefulness is the reason why
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