Sunday, May 28, 2017

Experiences in Life

The vastness of life's experiences unknown

Experiences, infinitum ad nauseum

Life, being, the greatest experience of all

A mere thought is an experience

With emotions running the whole gamut 

Each experience is unique

But not necessarily new

For there is nothing new under the sun

However, we do not choose all of our experiences

Nor can we control all of our personal experiences

But we do have some choices

In the experiences we have or make for ourselves

And for the good of others, as well

No worries though

Most experiences are just a result of being human

Yet, even after making all of the right choices

Our lives are still inundated with bad experiences

Everyone loves good experiences

What matters most is

How we interpret and what we do with the bad ones

Bad experiences are master teachers

For they build character

Each experience is an innate teacher

And we must learn from them

Surviving bad experiences is the key to life

We should not be overcome with bad experiences

They build endurance

And endurance builds strength of character

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