Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Living By Faith

Living by Faith
Living by Faith is not easy
But it gets easier as one continues to live
I decided long ago to live by Faith
As a teenager, I decided that
The lack of money would never prevent me from
Doing what I want to do in life and to have a meaningful one
I was taught
“Where there is a will, there is a way”
To live by “Faith”
Personal choice
For Faith is the substance of things hoped for
And the evidence of things not seen
I believe in the spiritual things of life
And so did Plato, in his “Theory of Forms”
There is definitely something beyond this physical world
And I believe
I believe in a Supreme Being
Who is actively involved in the affairs of men
Believing for the sake of believing
And yet believing when ALL OF THE CHIPS are down
Because of a deeper connection with a greater Source
It’s also about attitude
Good gracious, I can still hear my grade school teachers
Preaching the message of “attitude”
All the time, to us students
Faith is indeed and always challenged by doubt
Often one horrendous life experience right after another
Life is like a see saw, one side goes up
The other side goes down
 Believers never throw in the towel
Because Faith is greater than doubt
It is positive thinking
Some people have more Faith than others
Because Faith is also a spiritual gift
The trial of one’s Faith can be horrendous
Like gold tried in the fire seven times
To live by Faith is to have everything is called into question
Am I a fool to have such Faith?
Am I a fool to believe?
Is this world all that there is?
Is God real?
After such emotional, mental and existential turmoil
I keep the FAITH
And remain a believer
To have a spiritual purpose for living and surviving this world
Faith is far better than gold or silver
Never a second hearse carrying the goods of this world
Not so Egyptians princes
Others are enjoying your worldly goods
When one’s Faith is rewarded
Hope increases and has its function and purpose
That is, to hope for more
Hope is far better than a wish or dream
Hope has substance that is not known to this world, as it were
Hope is spiritual
For tribulation worketh patience;
Patience, experience;
And experience, hope
And a result of having diverse experiences
Today, I am relying on my Faith, experiences and hope
For continued hope and survival in this world
And for the knowledge of something better ahead
Each victory, large or small
Is appreciated and fodder for continued Faith

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