Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Boredom and the Monotony of Life

Customs, traditions of men and rituals

Causes for the boredom and the monotony of  fife

Custom, a practice or belief of an individual or a group for a long time

Tradition, a custom transferred from generation to generation

Ritual, a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of  actions and prescribed orders.

Therein lies much of the monotony of life

Many have long out lasted their time and value

Many are hindrances and detriments to humanity

Life Can Be Monotonous

Even after a wonderful vacation

It's back to the nuts, bolts and screws of life

Everyday life, that is

Faces to the grind of customs, rituals and traditions

Working 9-5, what a way to make a living

Those who are rich enough, not needing to work

Also face the monotony  life

We all get bored for one reason or another

If true, for only a moment

One of life’s truer conundrums

Life, so beautiful for infinite reasons

Yet  monotonous

Deeper meaning for boredom and monotony

The search for something

Perfect and eternal

Beyond time and space as we know them

It is every man’s search

Believe it or not

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