Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don't Piss on "My Parade"

 Don't Piss On “My Parade"

Procession, march, calvacade, motorcade, spectacle, display, pageant

Parades are celebrations of any and all sorts

The world has thousands of parades each year

For any reason, any cause

Just, let’s have a parade

An estimated 20 million people gathered for the Hindu festival of Kumbh Mela

This is the largest peaceful gathering in history.

The Cubs parade was 7th largest gathering in human history, 1995,  five million

Forget all about your worries

And party like it's 1999

Totally relax in your own way, your own unusual way

Take a day off from the daily routine of life

Let it all hang out, as it were

Every person needs to  have his or her

"My Own Parade" from time to time

That eclectic moment in your life

It’s more than a birthday or graduation party

It is a for any reason party, celebration of your life

It is that one most wonderful occasion

That is often not expected

And you are naturally feeling bliss and ecstasy

Then some opposing force or person attempts to destroy it

Often with selfish jealous motives

Don’t let them do it

With a sharp rebuke


“This is “My Parade” to be blissfully happy in life

And you will not piss on it”
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